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At Renova, we believe that minimally invasive procedures should be just that – procedures that use the smallest possible incision to safely and effectively treat your condition.

Unfortunately, not all doctors think this way. In fact, many so-called minimally invasive procedures are almost as invasive as traditional open surgery.

That’s why Renova spine surgeons provide AccuCision® Spine – a procedural method requiring incisions so small, we refer to the procedure as micro-invasive. Patients can expect less scarring and less pain following AccuCision. And, because the procedure causes minimal disruption to healthy tissue, patients recover from AccuCision more quickly than they would from traditional open surgery or other minimally invasive procedures.

AccuCision by RENOVA

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The AccuCision® Spine procedure uses a novel tool designed to cut, grind and aspirate disc tissue for lumbar discectomy procedures. With this needle-based procedure the physician may achieve results potentially similar to those achieved with surgical discectomy in contained herniated discs, yet with the minimal tissue disruption and scarring of a needle-based procedure. The articulating tip, which moves between 0° – 30° through the simple turn of a knob, allows for better tissue targeting. With its sleek tip design, it can achieve minimal annular tissue disruption through dilation.

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