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Failed Back Surgery

Failed Back Surgery

If patients have had an unsuccessful back surgery in the past, Renova can provide corrective surgery and treatment.

What is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome refers to a variety of conditions suffered by patients who have experienced unsuccessful results with previous spine surgery. This can describe several different adverse reactions. Many times, patients who have had back prior surgery still experience back and neck pain because their original diagnosis or treatment was incorrect; or targeted the wrong area of the spine. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome often occurs after traditional open back surgery as opposed to more successful minimally invasive procedures such as the AccuCision® Spine procedure.

Our Approach

There is no single solution to address all the possible causes of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. At Renova, our expert doctors will diagnose your spine condition, determine the proper avenue of treatment, and perform the minimally invasive AccuCision® Spine procedure to fix any condition you’re facing and to repair damage from prior procedures.


Sufferers of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome commonly still experience the same chronic pain that led them to back surgery in the first place, only to realize they were misdiagnosed and treated. Other symptoms include pain near the treated area, back spasms, nerve damage, pinched nerves, or even a fusion resulting in new spinal issues in the patient.

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