Spine Procedures
Disc Denervation

Disc Denervation

A procedure used to treat chronic disc-related pain using radiofrequency ablation.

What is disc denervation?

A disc denervation is a procedure used to treat chronic disc-related pain or discogenic pain. This procedure uses radiofrequency ablation to destroy affected pain causing nerves using electrical energy generated through radiofrequency.

This minimally invasive AccuCision® Spine procedure begins with the using a small needle to administer a local anesthetic. A radiofrequency needle is then placed in the desired location, with the doctor using a special x-ray device to make sure the needle is located near the correct disc. Once the needle is in place, electrical stimulation is initiated through the needle to identify painful nerves. When the correct nerves have been identified, the nerve supply to the affected disc is denervated using radiofrequency, eliminating the ability for those pain-causing nerves to send pain signals to the brain. This minimally invasive AccuCision Spine procedure usually takes less than an hour, and once completed, the needle is removed and the entry point is covered with a band-aid.

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